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Would you go to Sea World?

Since Blackfish’s debut in July of 2013, it has been a steady headache for Sea World and it’s employees. Nine months later, there are more than 3,000,000 hits on Google. The documentary was aired on CNN in October and garnered more than 21 million views.

Instead of using transparency and honesty in their reaction to the documentary, Sea World has reacted negatively. It was important for Sea World to show compassion for Dawn Brancheau’s death. The reaction has been embarrassing for the company and I believe in the long run will hurt the company.

This is a never-ending public relations program. Unless Sea World does some serious work, people who watched this video will most likely never make a trip to the park. The administration really struggled in their initial reaction to the documentary. They did not come out with a clear and concise message.

Instead of continuing to say no comment, Sea World should have responded with positives about their parks. It’s important to let the public know about all of the great things they do for their visitors and economically. Sea World truly missed the mark on their efforts.


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