Nico Mele uses past experience to teach about social media

When talking to Dr. Jinx Broussard’s social media class, Nico Mele brought a fresh view to social media and the way brands use the medium. Mele talked about three things that every social media professional must know when you or the brand you work for is being attacked.

The first thing to do is attack the attacker If someone is saying something incorrect about you or your brand, let the public know that they are wrong. It’s a risky practice to use. Chris Christy was an example of a way to not use it.

The next idea is to redirect. Take the opportunity to talk about the great things your brand is doing. Use the spotlight to your advantage.

Finally, refute what is being said. If it’s incorrect then just say it. Mele mentioned that if it is actually true then people dwould find out. It’s important to stay honest with the public.

To summarize, Mele believes social media is intimate and made to be intentional. Every tweet, picture or video should have a purpose. People see right through the fakeness that some brands and people use social media. The medium is for individual, not brands. That’s the way it is used best.


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