It’s Time for Schools to Learn from Uintah

As Uintah’s worst nightmare finally comes to a close, schools all around the country must learn from this huge mistake. People all around the country were in an uproar after lunches were thrown out because student’s bills had not been paid. The message should be blasted loud and clear. Districts all over the country need to review their lunch policies. It’s unfortunate that this had to happen.

At some point though, common sense should break through. Schools should not penalize students for mistakes made by their parents. In a lunch line, cafeteria workers should realize a student does not have enough money before they go to get a lunch. Also, instead of throwing away the lunch make it a point to call the parents and let them know their child will not be allowed to get lunch the next time through.

While the school district did not handle the initial situation correctly, it has done a good enough job of getting out of the news cycle. Many times, schools do something to draw even more attention to them. I hope Uintah as well as schools and parents all across the country can learn from this situation. It’s time to move on and learn.


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