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Nico Mele uses past experience to teach about social media

When talking to Dr. Jinx Broussard’s social media class, Nico Mele brought a fresh view to social media and the way brands use the medium. Mele talked about three things that every social media professional must know when you or the brand you work for is being attacked.

The first thing to do is attack the attacker If someone is saying something incorrect about you or your brand, let the public know that they are wrong. It’s a risky practice to use. Chris Christy was an example of a way to not use it.

The next idea is to redirect. Take the opportunity to talk about the great things your brand is doing. Use the spotlight to your advantage.

Finally, refute what is being said. If it’s incorrect then just say it. Mele mentioned that if it is actually true then people dwould find out. It’s important to stay honest with the public.

To summarize, Mele believes social media is intimate and made to be intentional. Every tweet, picture or video should have a purpose. People see right through the fakeness that some brands and people use social media. The medium is for individual, not brands. That’s the way it is used best.


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It’s time for a new Southern

All of Baton Rouge is keeping a watchful eye on Southern University including state legislatures, students and alumni. The whole university is trying to move on after a board decision’s vote to remove Chancellor James Llorens. While some may view this as a PR problem, I believe it’s a problem for the whole University. If the president and chancellor can’t even get along, then how is Southern suppose to survive. It’s clear that Llorens is the heart of the University and the public is worried about the future.

For Southern to be successful, the system must take steps to assure everyone that the school is in good hands. Even if Llorens does not return, people need to know where the University is heading. There needs to be transparency in everything that President Ronald Mason does in the future. Even if he does have a problem with Llorens, Mason must give a clear plan for the future of the University.

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It’s Time for Schools to Learn from Uintah

As Uintah’s worst nightmare finally comes to a close, schools all around the country must learn from this huge mistake. People all around the country were in an uproar after lunches were thrown out because student’s bills had not been paid. The message should be blasted loud and clear. Districts all over the country need to review their lunch policies. It’s unfortunate that this had to happen.

At some point though, common sense should break through. Schools should not penalize students for mistakes made by their parents. In a lunch line, cafeteria workers should realize a student does not have enough money before they go to get a lunch. Also, instead of throwing away the lunch make it a point to call the parents and let them know their child will not be allowed to get lunch the next time through.

While the school district did not handle the initial situation correctly, it has done a good enough job of getting out of the news cycle. Many times, schools do something to draw even more attention to them. I hope Uintah as well as schools and parents all across the country can learn from this situation. It’s time to move on and learn.

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