Nike’s Digital Brand

Since Nike’s huge success with Michael Jordan, their brand has always been about capturing the audience’s attention with videos filled with motivation and fun. As social media has exploded, Nike has taken full advantage of promoting all aspects of their brand. Although the Nike+ Fuel Band has been out for almost a year now, they haven’t done enough with their digital brand to promote the product.

While Nike does try and advertise this new and exciting feature, I don’t think that they are doing enough. Unless you are following the Nike+ Fuel Band account on twitter than you have no other way to know about the product. Besides a couple of graphics and some very long YouTube videos, the company does not do much to show what the product does. If Nike was to market their brand even more on their official twitter account as well as shorter YouTube videos, I believe they will see even more people wanting to buy their product.

Nike Fuel Band|How Bad Do You Want It

A Day With Nike+ Fuel Band



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